As an independent TV station, financial support is very important. It forms for us the basis from which we can continue to do our work.

St. United7 has ANBI status. Your donation is tax deductible!

What happens with your monthly contribution?

  • It ensures that we can continue to film and broadcast Christian events.
  • You support our project in Cuba where we help about 50 churches among others and support church leaders financially.
  • Your monthly contribution ensures that the poor people and children in Cuba get food and sick people are helped.
  • You help support and build Christian TV stations in 3rd world countries and train people how to film and edit.
  • Your contribution ensures that we can show our live broadcasts anywhere in the world when there is only internet.
  • Your contribution ensures that Christians receive biblical teaching anywhere in the world and that Christians do not hear the gospel. From North China to countries like Pakistan, we receive reports of how happy they are that they can watch and listen to encouraging preaching.
  • Your contribution is indispensable to continue our mandate to reach this world with the great message of Jesus Christ.

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