Food project
'El Shaddai' Cuba

United 7 ITN has a food project on the island of Cuba. When I first was with my wife Anja in Cuba in 2013, we immediately got a heart for the people of this beautiful island. From that year we traveled back every year and became good friends with the local pastor pastor John Cardozo.
He has a large congregation in the city of Ciego d’Avila and heads of 52 churches called jungle churches. Recently, Pastor John shared his heart with me about starting a project that hundreds of people, parishioners and the elderly who have no pension or retirement can help. Pastor John Cardoso told about his plan to hand out food and to prepare meals for the poor and elderly. While we were talking, the idea arose to buy a farm where we ourselves can produce food. Recently we bought a farm near the city of Ciego de Avila. We call the farm and this whole project: EL SHADDAI! The Lord will suply!


This project allows us to achieve the following:

1. Work for the unemployed parishioners of the Church of ps. John Cardoso..
2. To Supplu food for and maels for poor and elderly people of the church but also outsite the church.
3.  Building jungle churches. The churches in the villages around Ciego are often old and in poor condition. Some of these buildings are never finished.

Last but not least: This farm is a centre point from where the gospel of Jesus will be spread. Already now we have had a baptism service on the farm with 40 people who got baptized.

The farm is managed by the local church nearby the farm.

To make this project succesful we need:

  • 2 windmills to pump up the water from the 2 sources in the ground. PRAISE TO GOD, HE HAS PROVIDET!!!
  • a car for transportation of food, animals, material for the farm and to move the employees around.
  • finances to finish building the farmhouse.

One pichup truck is costing € 60000,00 (De government of Cuba has High import taxes that is why cars are very expensive)

And € 5000,00 to finish the left part of the farmhouse.

Please help us raising this amount of € 70.000,00. You can give a donation by pushing the ‘give now’ button on our homepage. Every amount is highly appreciated! Help us to feed the poor and to give them a brighter future!

Also watch the information film on the right site of this page.